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I have just purchased a Win 1200. lots of parts are missing. I need to know if the 1300 ejector will fit in the 1200.


I don't own any Winchester pump guns anymore so I can't check but I don't think it will fit.


are you sure this is the stainless? I've seen a photo of the stainless and it looked quite shiny.

I just saw a NIB 1200, with "Electro Nickel" plating, it looked very similar to your photos. A 'chrome' matte finish. Same lugs for the strap, same sights and same wood stock. Nice little gun and it was very light. You mention this one was heavy, so maybe it is not the same and the photo is deceiving


Dave, this particular model was called "stainless" by Winchester but was in fact nickel plated with a matte finish as I explained in the post.

There's also the Winchester 1300 Stainless Marine which features a shiny nickel finish.
See http://rantsnraves.blogs.com/gungazette/2008/07/i-like-marine-s.html

And I didn't say it was heavy but heavier than the 1300 Marine, which is very light.


This gun is a great shotgun I feel that the optional riffle sight allows me to be more accurate with my high brasses then a bees sight my grandfather gave me this gun and it is extremely reliable

trolley castors

There are guns that I not or even know their names except for this one. I always see this wearing by a policeman and a bank security.

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