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I'd appreciate it if you could give me some pointers on what to look for on a rifle like yours since I might buy just one like yours?!

/André Ersson


I'm not sure what to tell you, André. Those commemorative Winchesters are collector's items so I would only buy one that was never fired. Most of them should meet that condition.

Usually people think they're worth more than they really are and ask for too much. Don't buy the first one you find, shop around until you get an idea about the prices in Sweden. Place a wanted ad if there are online classifieds where guns are traded in your country.

And be very careful if you want to take it apart. Those Winchesters are a pain to disassemble and it's very likely that you'll damage the screw heads if the gun has just been sitting in the box for the last couple of decades.


Hi, I Have the same riffle as yours. But i like to know how much it is worth. Do you know that?



That depends on where you live. In the U.S. a mint, unfired Bat Masterson can be found for around $800. In Europe prices are generally a bit higher but commemorative Winchesters don't seem to be very sought after at the moment.


would you know wat year rifle i have its a 30-30 win sheriff bat master son underneath barrel there is a number it reads bm6180. thanks


Matthew, as far as I know all Bat Masterson Winchester were made in 1979/1980.


bonnjour, quelle poudre utilise ma winchester 30/30, model 94, bat masterson, noce poudre or pyroxide
thank you


Hello, I am in ownership of a winchester model 30/30 94, comémorative "Bat Masterson"...
Could you tel me on the quality of powder to be used...
A black powder, or a piroxyde powder...
Thank you for your piece of information
Approve my greetings distinguished...


Naulet, the Bat Masterson ist not a black powder gun, you can use modern gun powders.



i hust purchased this rifle in Australia and was wondering if there is any info on the serial numbers? maybe some backround info?


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